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Written on 10. September 2018 by bizmo

You share – you win!

The experience that you don’t become poor by sharing has hopefully been made by everyone at least once. Anyone who shares will definitely do it! Most people like to share with others. The easiest way is to share tips and advice, they don’t cost anything at first and still give us the feeling that we have helped the other person. Sometimes this is true, sometimes not.

Then we also like to share our food. Though not quite so often – because it is not completely for free – but generally the bite gets stuck in our throat when someone next to us remains hungry. Afterwards we share different utensils, the cheaper, the easier. We give away a ballpoint pen more easily than a beautiful piece of clothing. For items that we don‘t longer use, sharing is relatively easy, especially if selling them would mean more effort than giving them away for free.

Anyway, we humans like to share and feel good about helping others and contributing to their wellbeing. A beautiful and also necessary human side. But quickly we reach points where we cannot longer help or at least think that we cannot help because we ourselves have too little. So for example with money the friendship stops as well known.

We at bizmo consider this statement to be fundamentally wrong! We think: Friendship starts with money or at least proves itself there.

The more people are able to share more and more with others, the better the people around us feel. But people have to be able to do this inwardly, but also factually, because those who have little can obviously share very little. To preach to a person who has little that he should share with others is not really helpful and actually also mean.

But whatever the present reality may look like, it remains a human truth that sharing enriches us, that is why we would like to share and would like to share much more if we ourselves were well provided for.

We at bizmo don’t really understand to preach, but we do understand a business in which the win-win-win situation is based on the system: “I win – you win – we all win on all levels”.

With bizmo we are getting such a business off the ground: It lives from the fact that we share and want to incease our potential to share. Never it has been easier to earn money in a really serious and exciting way – dynamically and at the same time stable – and to ensure that others get exactly the same chance of prosperity. Who wants to jump alone like Donald Duck into the pool full of money? We don’t!

Therefore we have chosen our motto very consciously: You Share – You Win. Bizmo is built fair and intelligent through and through and takes into account the challenges and weaknesses we humans have in general. First of all, anyone can stay with free sharing. You share the information about bizmo. That’s it. The more people who learn about bizmo through you and use this opportunity for themselves, the more you actually gain in money and can then share more and more things with others. Then everything is good!

We set a positive spiral in motion and are very excited about where this journey will lead us.

What about you?