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Written on 20. January 2019 by bizmo

Why you should try fancy cooking recipes

Similar to roller skating, cooking is not something everyone has a knack for. But like roller skating, cooking is something you can learn, and a lot of the art is practice. You know the saying that „fate favours the brave“? And yes, so it is.

Some people have so much respect for cooking and baking that they believe that only an experienced professional cook can prepare pizza dough himself. You’ll probably have the most respect for complicated-sounding recipes, especially if they’re french. Or you might even shy away from a roux and think that you can only learn it in a cooking school.

But that’s completely wrong! Every experienced hobby and home cook can make his own pizza dough and cook French cuisine! And a roux is nothing more than a very simple way to bring flour and butter together while cooking. And how do you collect these experiences? Right: Through practice. Therefore: Let’s get on with the meatballs! Or the pizza dough, or the roux.

What’s in it for you if you dare to try fancy recipes?

  1. The feeling of having prepared a fancy meal is incomparable. Uplifting and euphoric!
  2. You build up self-confidence easily and naturally. And a lot!
  3. If you’ve been successful, you’ll feel a desire to prepare more fancy meals next time, and you’ll be training yourself and on your way to start mastery.
  4. You will get as much confirmation from your friends and family as you need!
  5. You will learn a lot about spices, food, oils, organic, cooking methods you have never even heard of. A whole new world opens up for you!
  6. If you like all this, then you have acquired one of the greatest hobbies in the world. Knitting is nothing compared to that!
  7. You can enjoy your own gourmet meal.
  8. Is there a chance you might fail? Of course, but failure is good, actually, and the lesson you learn will make you an even better home cook. And the memories of the first failed attempts are as delicious in retrospect as the perfectly successful meals of the future.


Convinced? So let’s swing the cooking spoon!