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Written on 8. August 2018 by bizmo

What exactly is bizmo?

The bizmo – community provides a platform on which knowledge can be shared in a modern way with the whole world. Whether Lifehack, images or documents (PDF): Which form of content is shared is up to each user.

With bizmo you can tap this knowledge alternatively as a basic, pro or elite member and pay monthly evenly 10, 20 or 30 €uro plus VAT. 70% of the income from these subscriptions is “commissioned”, i.e. distributed back to the users with a downline, as with the well-known corporate model of network marketing or affiliate marketing. The exact rules according to which these commissions are distributed are provided by the Dynamic Matrix System (DMS), which represents a unique compensation plan in network marketing. How exactly the DMS works is described separately in a blog article. In addition to real or digital “products”, compensation plans are the most important factor that determines success, sustainability and fairness for network partners. Traditional network marketing plans are very often “knitted” to the detriment of the mass of partners and allow only very few leaders to earn big checks. On the other hand, the production, storage and distribution costs for the usual network marketing products (cosmetics, food supplements, cleaning agents, food, etc.) reduce the commissions that can be distributed to the partners.

A community where digital content is created and shared does not face these problems and hurdles and the full potential of network marketing can be exploited in combination with the latest Internet-based technologies. This means a maximum of earning possibilities for the individual user and this with a “job” that looks very much like a hobby. Or rather looks like a holiday. How else could you describe it, when you can lie on the beach or sit in the street café, take pictures of the location and upload them to bizmo, and give other visitors a great tip and earn a living with it?