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Written on 21. October 2018 by bizmo

The autumn bucket list

Autumn is coming and even this season can be very beautiful if you take it easy. You are even well advised to take care that you are physically and mentally in balance on these autumn days. In summer, a good mood almost comes about by itself, but when the warmth and the light are missing, one quickly gets into a low mood. Here are some suggestions how you can live in a very good mood even in autumn!

  1. Spend at least once a month a day in a Spa. Sauna helps to strengthen the immune system and such a wellness day offers as much relaxation as if you were on holiday for a few days.
  2. Take long walks through autumn forests or at least through the city park and enjoy the fresh air and the fascinating colours of the trees to the full. Walks are always beneficial for your health and in the forest you can also “bath in the forest”!
  3. Always have your mobile phone camera with you on the walks, because autumn – the colours, the light, the atmosphere- are perfect for great photos.
  4. Take a long sleep frome time to time. If the weather outside is cold and rainy, you should treat yourself with extra relaxation, because with enough sleep we promote our health and also our psychological well-being. Our body’s own cell repair system only works when we are asleep.
  5. Try out new bread recipes, mainly keto breads. For such recipes you need some time and if it is cold outside and smells of bread pervades the kitchen, it lifts the mood enormously.
  6. Try cooking with essential oils. Essential oils are a science in themselves, but it is worth integrating their versatile use into everyday life. With essential oils not only star chefs can cook! But be sure to pay attention to the best quality of the essential oil!
  7. Mix your own teas. One will get ideas for it on each packed tea mixture and buy then the herbs in a well sorted herb house or order in the Internet. If you stay tuned, you will eventually have developed the perfect tea blend for yourself. Perhaps this is also a gift idea for Christmas.
  8. Take a detox bath from time to time. On the Internet you find a lot of recipes for such detox baths. Simply google a little bit.
  9. Implement DIY projects: Start craft projects, DIY projects and learn something new: crochet, knit, handicraft, sew – there are countless ideas on how to do beautiful things yourself. You can even give some of them away for Christmas.
  10. Visit a museum, an art exhibition or a concert. But at least go to the cinema.
  11. Make mixed pickles by yourself. Nothing is easier than that and they simply taste better than the ones you buy. Moreover, your own pickles contain much less sugar than those from the supermarket.
  12. When you are buying glasses for the mixed pickles, buy a few more to create a self-sustaining bottle garden. With such a bottle garden you can really create an eye-catcher. Simply magical. However, the preserving jars should have a capacity of at least 2 liters. A beautiful bottle garden is also suitable as a gift for chrismas.
  13. Plan your Christmas early. This year Christmas should happens without the usual insanity stress experience by punctual planning and procurement of all gifts!
  14. Thinking extensively about the next goals and projects, not hectically at New Year’s Eve.
  15. To make someone an unusual joy – not only at Christmas. Even if it is, you give a poor person 10 €uro! Why? Because you do it for yourself. You make yourself the greatest joy and will experience an extraordinarily great feeling!


We wish you the most beautiful autumn ever!