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Written on 8. November 2018 by bizmo

The 5 minutes+basket method

Actually there were 2 separate methods, according to which the cleaning goes fast by the hand. The 5 minute rule and the basket method. Dr. Lisa Wagner combined the two and introduced them on her blog  (in german language).

The 5-minute rule is simpel: you set a timer to 5 minutes and clean up a room during this time. You can see that in five minutes you really get a lot tidied up. If possible, you can give yourself 3 minutes for each room. This method is effective because one strives for maximum results with a given time limit.  You will achieves the fantastic results because you are fully concentrated on the activity of tidying up and don‘t tolerate to be interrupted. This principle is also known in business management: to generate maximum output with limited resources.

The basket method means that you carry a basket with you during tidying up, in which you put all the things in that do not belong to the current room.  Whoever heeds the rule of never going from room to room with empty hands may not fill the basket so quickly. But a household in which children distribute their toys all over the flat makes the basket really sense.

And now you combine these two methods and you will get order in the household faster and more effectively than with any other method. So set a timer to 5 or 3 minutes, depending on how long you need for a room and have the basket with you when you clean up room by room.