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Das Buch Rap Kitchen vom Callwey-Verlag
Written on 5. December 2018 by bizmo


Rappers have a love story with food. They know the best restaurants and how soulfood must taste. But rappers also cook and some even cook really well.

One of the rappers who uses his own culinary skills is CHAKUZA.

Without BUSHIDO, CHAKUZA would perhaps be a cook in a fine restaurant today, because he learned to cook. But at a Bushido concert Chakuza gave him a demo tape of himself, Bushido liked it and brought Chakuza to Berlin. The rest is history. Chakuza, for example, has a great baked apple recipe.

You need:

4 apples, slightly sour in taste

150 ml apple juice

75 g marzipan, raw mixture

2 tbsp almond sticks

4 pieces Spekulatius (or Cantuccini)

½ TL Cinnamon

And this is how CHAKUZA’s baked apple works

Prepare everything and preheat the oven to 200° C. Cut a lid off the top of the apples and then hollow them out. It is best to use an ice cream spoon or a melon cutter if you have one at hand. Keep some of the apple flesh for the filling.

Knead the apple pulp, marzipan, almond sticks, specula and cinnamon together. To prevent the dough from becoming too firm, add a little of the apple juice.

Then press the mixture into the hollowed out apples. Pour the apple juice into a fireproof dish, put the apples in it and bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes.

These baked apples, served with lots of vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream, are a dream. Thank you CHAKUZA!