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intelligente Technologie
Written on 17. September 2018 by bizmo

Network Marketing is dead – long live Network Marketing!

Our COO (Chief Operation Officer) Christian Rombach has worked for many years in the network marketing industry with great success. In almost 30 years, he has experienced many changes in this industry and has experienced “where the shoe pinches” time and again. The upheavals in network marketing are enormous. Many partners can’t or don’t want to understand the digital change and don’t want to go along with it and even many companies are not in a position to do so. To get reliable information is quite difficult, because the net is full of half-truths and sometimes also concrete lies, which are hardly to be recognized for the layman. Christian Rombach, however, not only understands the industry, but also our time – the opportunities as well as the challenges. One can only profit from his experience and knowledge.
We hope you enjoy reading his text. Here you will at least find the beginning. You can read the whole text by following the link below!

Network Marketing is dead – long live Network Marketing!

An amusing and serious look at a special business model by Christian Rombach
Already with the heading some may pull up the eyebrows and fear that now another “praise song” on the network marketing (in the consequence as MLM designated) is lining up. And yes, they are right! Others, on the other hand, will expect the (perhaps justified?) swan song on MLM. And yes, they are right! – But don’t worry: I was already examined years ago for a bipolar disposition… and nothing was found! …