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Topf auf dem Herd
Written on 9. December 2018 by bizmo

Groovy Black Food

Ice cream, pitch black burgers, chips or smoothies – everything is also available in chic black. In the USA and Japan black food has been en vogue for some time now, in Germany the first Black Food festivals are starting. For the eye black food can be really cool and the taste doesn’t change when eating. So why not?

A few tips: Activated carbon is used to colour the food black. This is produced by incinerating vegetable components such as coconut shells, bamboo, peat or wood. Activated carbon is approved in the EU as a food colouring in liquorice, jams or fruit juice concentrates, for example.

It is somewhat critical that some manufacturers market activated carbon as “Black Detox”, they  promote black food with health benefits.  One might think that burgers and ice cream in black are a super healthy affair. Activated carbon is actually used in poisoning to bind the toxins in the stomach. But in addition to actual or alleged “toxins”, activated carbon also binds vitamins, minerals or medicines such as the contraceptive pill and also transports them directly from the body. Regular consumption of activated carbon causes the body to lose valuable nutrients and the effect of medication can be impaired. Too much of it also leads to constipation and in extreme cases to intestinal obstruction.

But if you treat yourself to a Black Burger or white Mayo on black fries just for fun, you don’t do anything wrong!

By the way, ice cream and the sauce for burgers are coloured with sepia – squid ink – which is mixed in during production. Some people don’t tolerate this and react allergic to it. Therefore pay attention to the label.

Only as a suggestion: If you want to arrange black food for optical reasons – as food design – you also have completely natural food available such as black rice, black beans, blackberries, black currants, black cherries, dark chocolate, caviar.

But black is beautiful and therefore here is a recipe for a

Healthy Black Smoothie.

This succeeds completely without coal with dark fruits and vegetables, whose color is to be led back on secondary plant materials (Anthocyane). Black currants, blackberries, blue grapes, aubergines, red cabbage and beetroot are well suited for this. The pureed fruit and vegetables are diluted with water and seasoned with coconut oil, ginger, nutmeg and a pinch of salt – and the black smoothie is ready.