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Written on 1. October 2018 by bizmo

Goals and lack

Having goals is fundamentally important if you want to achieve something in life. That applies especially to entrepreneurs. However there is a point, about which never one speaks in connection with goals. And this point is not only ignored, it is even frowned upon and it is suppressed and there the problems begin for many goal-oriented people. It is about the feeling of “lack”.

Yes, it is about the feeling of “lack”, which one should not really think and feel, as a “positive” person. But let us briefly consider what inevitably emerges as soon as you set a goal: Lack! It appears in your mind in form of the realization of what is missing for your goal. You realize quite fast that money is missing, competences are missing, equipment, space, devices and so on. This is the moment you have to understand this feeling of “lack” and should consider it as a sign, that you have set new goals. This is a completely natural process!

Anyone who is aware of this process and knows that it has to take place in the same way diminish the danger to stumble. The feeling of “lack” is not a “negative” state, but an awareness-sharpening one. The danger of stopping at this point, of staying in the deficiency, is becoming less, if you are aware of this inner process. If the feeling of „lack“ emerges, it‘s not really helpful, if you simply think, visualizes or meditates “abundance”.

Something else is helpful in these situations: It is the attitude “to be in possibilities”. Whoever adopts this attitude cannot stumble on any deficiency thinking: If something doesn’t work in this way, then it goes in another way. If I don’t get something now, it’s later. If this door is locked, then just another one opens.

“Being in possibilities” gives a person something like unbreakability, endurance, resilience, power – everything that an entrepreneur needs in larger portions on the way from time to time.

Therefore our strong advice: “Be always in possibilities“  to realize your success!