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Written on 10. April 2019 by bizmo

Gateway to the world

The website opens the door to the world for the bizmo community. Bizmo has been an international community and digital network from the very beginning, so this website will become a very important tool.
Via an interactive world map, users can access and download the “bizmo super easy” presentation in many different languages. With this presentation, the bizmo opportunity can be explained very briefly and offers an overview of the different bizmo websites and marketing tools. The currently available languages are: German, English, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malayalam and Thai.
The presentation is already available in 25 languages and more are in preparation. The “bizmo super easy” webinar is currently only available on the german site in german language. With the help of this website it will be easy to find people around the world who see themselves as a leader and want to hold the webinar in their own language.
In the coming time other presentations about bizmo are made available on the web page in different languages, in order to support the international team structure further.