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Written on 20. October 2018 by bizmo

Do you know what a Satori is?

Do you remember an experience that practically flashed you from one second to the next into another world? Maybe when you were in nature, in the forest or in the mountains? Lying on a hay meadow and everything smelling around you? Or when you were with a person and suddenly the whole world around you sank and there was only you and this moment. And you knew that everything would be fine and that life is a great gift? Each of us has such moments. Sooner or later. They are a great source of strength and can bring us through very hard times. Nina Ruge calls these moments “The invincible summer in us”. This is also the title of the book she published in 2013 at Kailash-Verlag. Very worth reading!

Back to the Satori: A Satori burns itself into your soul. Even if it is quickly absorbed again in everyday stress, it is available forever in you. All you have to do is dig it out, snatch it from oblivion and keep it alive in you. Remember this great feeling, the moment when everything around you stood still and there was only you and this great moment. This feeling can help you keep your course all your life. Because this feeling, this moment contains everything that you will search for all your life: fulfillment, peace, happiness, arrival. Experiencing a Satori gives you liveliness and strength, the feeling of invincibility. Thus a Satori can be a compass for your life, which lets you find yourself again and again, if your life doesn’t feel so great. You don’t have to constantly experience new satoris. This one is enough! For your mind doesn’t care whether you are experiencing something or whether you make what you have experienced present again in your memory.

So think and remember!

By the way, the term Satori comes from Zen Buddhism.