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Written on 25. April 2019 by bizmo

Control your aging process deliberately

What was not possible in the past and many still do not believe today, is nevertheless possible. We live in exciting times and as we create our professional reality, we also create our biological reality. It is not just a matter of being spared from serious and life-threatening diseases, but of consciously controlling and shaping our aging process.

Those who deliberately and consciously control their aging process will never be aware of their age and will remain vital, attractive, mentally active and efficient into old age. Who doesn’t want that? Most people would like that, but they don’t believe that it is possible and so they age more or less quickly too fast. But aging today can be much slower if you know how and what to do. Of course the appropriate mental attitude is the most important factor, but also some help from the medicine cabinet of nature is necessary.

For some years it is known in science that one of the main factors for aging are our telomeres. They are like protective caps on the ends of chromosomes so that our DNA is not attacked during the cell division process. With each cell division, these caps are naturally shortened slightly and when they are almost worn out, the cell divides incorrectly and causes many serious diseases at the end of our lives. However, there is one enzyme, telomerase, which rebuilds these protective caps.

Two excellent active substances are currently known from nature, which form the enzyme telomerase and build up the telomeres, thus winding up our biological clock again: Astragalus membranaceus root extract from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bacopa monnieri extract from Ayurvedic Medicine.

Sisel International has developed a product from these two main active ingredients in high concentration and some other natural plant extracts that builds telomeres and also protects them from free radical attack. A rejuvenating powerhouse, completely natural, effective at DNA level and at a fair price.


The product is called TS-X and is only available from a Sisel partner.