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Written on 23. October 2018 by bizmo

Can you make money with tulips?

Do you know the story about the tulips? Do you know that a long, long time ago, around 1630, many people earned an incredible amount of money with tulips? Hard to imagine that this is possible. And yet it was so. Unfortunately, tulip bulbs are extremely perishable, need a lot of cultivation area and care, have to be dug up, packed and shipped. That is why this business was not permanent. Nevertheless, with tulip bulbs the people in Old Amsterdam have created a dreamlike life for themselves. Shouldn’t we be able to do that in 2018? Without the decisive disadvantages of physical goods?

We live in the digital age and are certainly just as intelligent, creative and visionary as the people of Amsterdam were in the year 1630!

Why does bizmo exist?

  • Because many people have a treasure trove of knowledge with which they cannot earn anything – means in moderen term: they cannot monetize their knowledge!
  • Because only a few people have the time to acquire all the computer skills and marketing strategies necessary for a “traditional” online business.
  • Because many people are looking for a way to work anywhere.
  • Because many people take beautiful and high quality photos with their mobile phone cameras and can’t earn anything with it.
  • Because a lot of people spend an incredible amount of time with social media to look at lifehacks or pictures, upload pictures and small videos themselves and do not earn any money with it.
  • Because many people would very much like to set up a project with friends, children or parents.
  • Because very, very many people cannot spend large sums of money on setting up their own business.
  • Because many people can’t take any risks when it comes to making money.
  • Because people love it when they can live out their creativity and show it off.
  • Because people always like to quickly acquire new skills when it makes economic sense for them.
  • Because people simply no longer want to be exposed to great pressure in the field of making money.
  • Because most people don‘t like “windy systems”, means scam.
  • Because many people – mainly over 30 – don’t have much time and strength to build something new for themselves.
  • Because many people no longer want to sacrifice a large part of their time in order to earn only the minimum standard of living with a traditional job.
  • Because many people love to have plenty of time for their own interests, friends and family.
  • Because many people have dreams that they want to fulfil and for which they need time and money.

Because with tulips – and countless other first world products – it is no longer possible to earn a relaxed income. Not even with electricity, although it is already close to the digital product and everyone uses it!

What else could be a reason – your reason! – for bizmo?