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Written on 7. August 2018 by bizmo

Bizmo – the business of the future

When everything changes, everything changes. Pretty profane this wisdom! But what does this mean for our way of working and earning money? Many have very few ideas except those that people have been practicing for quite some time. And because nothing new occurs to them, they want an Unconditional Basic Income for all in which “the state” simply transfers the necessary money to its citizens. Apart from the bureaucratic monster that would come with this universal basic income, some people want to bring a little more action and excitement into their lives, which a cool business always ensures.

We have some important information for you: The product of the future is “knowledge and information”. Everything revolves around knowledge and information in the digital age. But not the knowledge of professors and school teachers is asked, but the wisdom of all of us. Our future working life will developing itselfe in this space. Our working life no longer has much to do with the working life of our parents and grandparents. It’ll feel completely different!

Bizmo is the world’s first business dedicated to the “Knowledge and Information” product package, while ensuring that everyone who enjoys the digital lifestyle can earn money in the easiest, fairest and most enchanting way – as much as they want!

Whoever you are, wherever you live, Bizmo welcomes you!