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Written on 8. August 2018 by bizmo

Bizmo – the App to earn money

What would our modern lifestyle be worth if we could not earn our money in a modern way? Only half the rent in the truest sense of the word!

The smartest way to make money is with an app. And the fairest way is that the users of the app earn the money – and not just the developers or the company. In addition, the app must be serious, offer real benefits for the users and must be at the same time in vogue. And last but not least, it should not cost the world.

This app offers bizmo. It will be available by next autumn at the latest and then give people around the world the opportunity to earn money with their smartphones. If you don’t want to wait until the app is available to earn money, you can start with bizmo now and make your lifestyle easier than ever before.

Bizmo comes at just the right time: For many people today, it’s no longer about earning a little extra with a gimmick, because many don’t have a decent main income that makes a good living. The work is not the problem, only the payment of the same. Not everyone wants to and cannot make money with shares or coin mining. And only a few people are in the mood for a dubious quick-fix system in which friendships and often enough also the family fall by the wayside and in the end there are only a few profiteers but a huge army of ripped-off losers.

The developers of bizmo have found an answer to all these critical points and set up a system that has not yet existed in this form and represents a gigantic opportunity for almost everyone. Whether someone wants to earn a lot of money with it or only wants to earn a few hundred Euros or is mainly interested in contributing to the development of the bizmo community with content and, as a side effect, wants to use a wonderful opportunity for advertising within a highly interesting target group: Everyone can fulfill their wishes and achieve their goals.