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Written on 13. August 2018 by bizmo

Become a digital nomad with bizmo

Being a digital nomad and being able to live freely and independently wherever you want is a dream of many…

When you work somewhere as an employee, it quickly feels like you’re chained. And if you don’t really get along with colleagues and the boss, then you can certainly speak of mental torture. Even as a self-employed person you have to fight with challenges that are exciting only in theory.

The solution is the life of a digital nomad! A digital nomad can stop anywhere where there is access to the Internet, as fast and as stable as possible. There is no shortage of beautiful places where this is possible. But the question is, what do you offer so digitally in exchange for an income? You need certain skills and competences to get a job. Or you need skills and competences to trade successfully in stocks, to make money in bitcoins, to earn advertising money for blogs and YouTube channels, to write ebooks, to develop video courses or to distribute them. Everything is not really easy and not possible for everyone.

But the digital age has a solution. For people who can think outside the box twice, the future looks bright: The first time you have to think outside the box when you leave the usual “working on site” pattern behind you. That shouldn’t be an issue for a digital nomad. The second time you have to think outside the box is when you think “I exchange my working time including know-how for an income”. You don’t have to!

Bizmo is the world’s first lifestyle community that offers all smartphone owners an income beyond rip-offs, scams or windy hype, if they enjoy life hacks, photos and lifestyle. Be it that you actively produce content or only passively consume it.

What do you say?