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Written on 8. November 2018 by bizmo

10 useful tidiness routines

Most of us like it when the apartment is tidy. But tidying up and cleaning is again an unpleasant thing that eats up time and doesn’t bring any money. So we usually postpone cleaning and tidying up. There are a few tips on how to keep your household tidy in the shortest possible time. Feeling good in your own four walls is really worth the little effort.

Never walk around with empty hands. If you get used to never walking around empty-handed in your own apartment, but always take something with you that has to be cleaned up, then you save yourself an incredible amount of time.

The bed you made. Your bedroom looks more and more tidy when the bed is made. This rule is important for everyone who only lives in one room! And basically it’s a nice feeling to be able to jump into a freshly made bed in the evening.

Dry the shower and washbasin. After taking a shower, simply pick up a towel and dry the shower. Not only does it always look clean, it also removes soap stains and prevents mold fungus in the joints. And a cleaned washbasin makes the bathroom look much tidier.

A clean kitchen sink. A clean sink makes every kitchen look tidier. Top priority: Always keep the sieve in the sink clean!

Clear out the dishwasher. Always empty the dishwasher, because it makes no sense for the clean dishes to retain in the machine and the dirty dishes stack on the outside. If you empty the dishwasher in the morning, you can make the dirty dishes disappear during the day.

When you cook, always clear up everything immediately. With this habit you also save yourself a lot of time and ideally you are already finished with the kitchen after cooking, if you also rinse the used cooking utensils immediately. All that remains is the crockery you need for the meal and this goes simply into the dishwasher.

Give each thing a fixed place. You don’t believe how much time you save when everything has a fixed place in the kitchen (and also in your apartment).

Plan daily some time to clean up with the 5 minutes+basket – method. An exact description of how cleaning with the 5 minutes+basket method works can be found in the article: “The 5 minutes+basket method”.

Clean the kitchen before you go to bed. There’s nothing more terrible than getting into a filthy kitchen in the morning. The day is practically already filthy. Therefore: Clean up the kitchen before going to bed so that you like to make your coffee in the morning!

If you have children: Always bring children’s toys back to the children’s room. You have no idea how happy you’ll be when your child gets used to not spreading throughout the house!

If you make these suggestions your habit, you will save a lot of time and your household will no longer annoying you. Above all, look up how you clean up with maximum results in the shortest time possible using the 5 minutes+basket method and you will even have fun with it.